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Welcome to Al-Azhar Mission


Al-Azhar Mission, was established in 2009 to provide high quality modern and Islamic studies.  We are committed to a holistic approach to learning and development where the principles of submission to Allah (SWT) as well as the essential elements in achieving human excellence are instilled in our students starting at the earliest stages.

With the help and grace of Allah (SWT), Alhamdulillah - our institution is stepping into 9th academic year.  It is dedicated to provide learning environment of the highest caliber to our Muslim children with academic excellence is stressed within an Islamic atmosphere.  The educational program aims to meet not only the physical, emotional & educational needs of our children, however their spiritual needs as well.

The Al-Azhar Mission, Alhamdulillah, provides Muslim children excellent quality education and facilities for their overall development. They are taught moral values and various skills to face the dynamic challenges and opportunities of life with care, confidence and self-discipline.They are taught in an islamic environment